• Guangdong Dachuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    • Under the group European,Taiwan,Japan and other related brands.
    • Under the group European,Taiwan,Japan and other related brands.
    • Under the group European,Taiwan,Japan and other related brands.
    • Under the group European,Taiwan,Japan and other related brands.
    • Under the group European,Taiwan,Japan and other related brands.
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    About Us

    Guangdong Dachuan Machinery Co., Ltd. Dachuan Precision Machinery (HongKong)Co.,Ltd is a company specialized in manufacturing and service of high precision machinery and consumables. Our mission is to introduce the wide excellent machinery, advanced technology and superior service to customers. Our headquarters is located at Chang’An town of Dongguan City, with convenient transportation condition. It is 3-5 minutes to Chang’An bus station and provincial road S358.
    With rapid development of China manufacturing industry, transition and the increasing diversity and complexity of productions, in order to provide customers of wide multifarious part manufacturing techniques, our company has introduced advanced 8 brands grinding machines from Germany KORBER-SCHLEIFRING United Grinding Group, which is Germany largest high precision grinding tool management group, including Cylindrical Grinding (MIKROSA, SCHAUDT, STUDER), Surface and Profile  grinding (BLOHM, JUNG, MAGERLE) and Tool grinding(WALTER, EWAG); has introduced Switzerland WILLEMIN.MACODEL 5 axis-10 axis milling machines high precision processing center; has introduced Italy PAMA Larger sized cnc boring and milling machines, cnc table type boring and milling centers,Boring and milling centers and cnc vertical milling machine; and has introduced Germany KUKA Robots. All these are our main brands. And our company is South China agent of KORBER-SCHLEIFRING United grinding Group and WILLEMIN.MACODEL, which covers all milling and grinding techniques in high precision manufacturing industry.
    Nowadays, what customers need is not only products, but also diversified service, including Turnkey System solutions and bank mortgage service. We have built cooperation relationship with many banks.We Insisting on management concept of “integrity first, resources share , mutual-benefit and win-win result” ,and our  enterprise tenet is integrity and service ofsustainable development ,at the same time ,we provide the high-quality products and service for customers.

    If there is any requirement, please contact with us!

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    No. 177, Zhen’An East Road, Chang’An Town, Dongguan City
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